Accreditation & Qualification

The Newham Youth Project offers courses that are ASDAN accredited (Certificate in Employability L1). Our term-time evening programme is a two-tier accreditation, where young people compile a portfolio of learning and complete two units per term from a list of units. Young people can complete an award level within two terms and a certificate level within four terms.

For an award at level 1 young people need to complete the following four units:

  • Introduction to working with others
  • Planning, reviewing and learning
  • Maintaining work standards
  • Health and Safety at work

To progress to a full certificate in level 1, young people need to complete the additional four units listed below:

  • Exploring job opportunities
  • Applying for a job
  • Tackling number problems
  • Communicating with others

We internally moderate the completed portfolios ourselves, and submit them for external verification to ASDAN. Following this, it usually takes four to six weeks for the certificates to arrive. We then either send out the young people’s certificates via mail, or present them in an awards ceremony.