Accredited Introduction to Hairdressing Courses

Our Introduction to Hairdressing courses are designed as pre-Vocational and Work Skills learning programmes, providing a personalised curriculum to match the learner’s ’Spiky’ profile.

Employability & vocational skills

Introduction to Hairdressing Course (Studio E12)

This course is offered with two distinct parts to encourage personal and group development within a team setting: vocational and employability skills. Learners will work within small groups and follow an individual learning plan covering salon-based practices and units

within the Certificate in Employability (ASDAN), enabling the participants to work towards a possible progression pathway (e.g. Hair & Beauty Diploma, among others).

Topics covered in our Introduction to Hairdressing courses

We cover the following skills in our own dedicated hair dressing salon:

  • Salon health & safety
  • Salon Duties
  • Identifying hair structure
  • Hair Care
  • Blow dry Techniques
  • Shampooing Techniques
  • Cane Rolls
  • Setting & Sectioning
  • Hair Theory
  • Identifying correct products and usage
  • Salon Presentation Skills

Portfolio & end-of-term learner reports

Learners will be required to complete a portfolio of all their learning for the Certificate in Employability at L1 (ASDAN). This will be complimented with in-house end-of-term learner reports to help inform learner’s Individual learning plan (ILP).

Units covered within the Certificate in Employability

  1. Introduction to Hairdressing (Studio E12)Planning & reviewing learning
  2. Introduction to working with others
  3. Maintaining work standards
  4. Health & safety in the workplace
  5. Applying for a job
  6. Exploring job opportunities
  7. Tackling number problems
  8. Communicating with others at work

Outcome qualification

Certificate in Employability L1/L2 and progression to Hair & Beauty Diploma. All units are based around the Foundation Learning credit framework:

  • Award L1: 8 Credits
  • Certificate L1: 13 Credits
  • Certificate L2: 13 Credits

Course details

  • Capacity: Up to 10yp
  • Age group:13+
  • Duration: 1 – 2 years
  • Course awarding body: ASDAN
  • Course recruitment: NAP Taster days
  • Session days: To be announced
  • Session times: 9.30am – 3.00pm