About METS

We are METS – a training initiative set up and run by experienced, professional educators. METS stands for Manor Education and Training Solutions, and we run a number of themed youth work initiatives in Manor Park (Newham, London). The Techshop offers accredited engineering courses using go-karts and bikes. Studio E12 offers accredited hair, beauty and makeup courses. TradeSkills E12 offers accredited courses in building, plumbing and construction and the Newham Youth Project is a youth work initiative especially for young L&Q residents throughout Newham. We have our own studios in Manor Park (Newham, London) and all our courses offer Certificate in Employability L1 / L2 (ASDAN).

METS aim to…

  • increase, through innovative learning programmes, skills, confidence and achievement levels in young people who are disengaged and disaffected from mainstream education and falling short of academic attainment.
  • contribute to the reduction of criminality and crime (especially vehicle-related) amongst Young People through models of practice that reflect their interests and needs.
  • contribute to the reduction of anti-social behaviour and racial harassment through a comprehensive approach using the models of integrated delivery with existing or planned initiatives and the local communities.
  • support Young People’s entry into mainstream progression routes through entry-level accreditation, offering underpinning knowledge and a practical skills base.
  • increase access and opportunities for young people to participate in youth-related activities within their area.